UV Graffiti Party

This theme night can be used to transform any venue any time of year. Highly visual and defiantly interactive the UV Graffiti night allows your guests to actually be part of the night.

Your guests will get free body paint/face paint as they arrive from the meet and greet team, once inside they get the chance to practice their graffiti efforts on the graffiti boards, this ensuring that no one starts painting the walls, unless you want them to?

Talk to us today to see how this night can be tailor made just for your venue!

2 x Female Dancers - Can be used for pre-promotion
2 x UV Fire Performers
Event Manager
2 x 6ft x 6ft Graffiti Boards - With Frames
Ground Fog Machine
White Confetti Shooters
Professional Screens with AV suite & Visuals - 2 x 8ft Projectors with Screens
High Powered Laser Show - Computer Controlled
4 x UV Cannons
4 x UV Strips
4 x White Stretch Panels - 2x 10m & 2 x 5m
UV Body Paint
UV Spray Paint
Glowsticks to Giveaway