theme nights

Theme Nights

Our theme nights are the biggest and the best in the country. We specialise in making tailoring existing theme night packages directly to suit each of our clients. So whether you are a night club owner who is looking to increase your turnover or you are a corporate client who wants to give your staff a party to remember, call today to discuss your theme night options.

Please contact us directly for specific pricing for your event. Many of our theme nights have free giveaways and estimated prices are based on set numbers. If you would like to view further information on any of the packages, simply click on the image and a fact sheet will open up automatically. In addition you can chat via WhatsApp instantly via the link on screen if you have specific questions.

uV Party

This theme night can be used to transform any venue any time of year. Highly visual and defiantly interactive the UV Party Night allows your guests to really get involved with the event! Your guests will get free body paint/face paint as they arrive from the meet and greet team, once inside they get to experience the UV light that will blast from all directions. Talk to us today to see how this night can be tailor made just for your venue!

Hawaiian Beach Party

All the best bits from the standard Hawaiian Themed Party but with a full size SURF SIMULATOR!!! As usual we will deck out the venue with party trimmings and in true Hawaiian style everyone is greeted at the front door by Hoola girls!! All of the crew will be wearing Hawaiian themed costumes to really get the party started!

Ibiza Foam Party

Bring a touch of the summer to your club with the most recognisable brand out there. This night is packed full of everything that makes Ibiza memorable, music, colour and spectacle. Our foam cannons are top of the range and can cover a large area. For larger venues ask about upgrading to two foam cannons.

Snow/Popcorn Party

The Popcorn or Snow party nights are a useful dry alternative to the likes of the Foam Party. If you are looking to do something completely different than this is the night. The popcorn night features pre-made salted popcorn that guests can eat. The snow party uses tiny anti-static polystyrene balls to create an illusion of snow. The UV cannons emphasise the effect even further.

Christmas Party

This is our most popular theme night with extra goodies. We have added some great features at an awesome price. There are more snow machines, more giveaways and more special effects! Some clients even book this package during the summer to create a really fun atmosphere.

Circus Night

Our circus theme night is an explosion of colour, noise and excitement. We bring performers from all over the world to perform in your venue and wow your customers. Featuring a strong pre-promotion element this night will put your venue firmly on the social map no matter where you are! This is one event that gets booked over and over again.