Popcorn/Snow Party

The Popcorn or Snow Party nights are a useful dry alternative to the likes of the foam party. If you are looking to do something completely different then this is the night. The Popcorn night features pre-made salted popcorn that guests can eat. The Snow party uses tiny anti-static polystyrene balls to create the illusion of snow. The UV Cannons emphasise the effect even further. All the costumes for each night are different and themed to complement the night.

2 female dancers - 2 x costume changes
Theatrical blower with either: 2 x 2m bags of "dry snow" or 5 large bags of popcorn
Laser show - two watt green laser with full graphic compatibility
Confetti Cannons
2 x LED UV Cannons
Visuals: themed club graphics displayed on eight foot screens: package includes: 2 x 8ft screens (front and rear), 2 x 2200Ansi Lum projectors, DVD player, and transmitter package
Event manager
Free giveaways include glowsticks

Interested in a Popcorn/Snow party?