Equipment Hire

From Laser Systems to Snow Machines, we have the latest technology for hire.

Equipment Hire

We make sure that when you are hiring equipment from us that it suits the task at hand. We will make sure that you have an operator where needed and that you are maximizing your budget every time.

We also know that sometimes you may not be familiar with a piece of equipment of or how it will work in your venue, call today and we will guide you through your queries and help you choose the right special effect for your event.

Also, just to let you know we offer great value on packages, when you hire more than one item we can give you super discounts!

We have put some links below that redirect to our YouTube page so you can see some videos of the equipment in operation.

LED Graphic Wall

This 4m x 2m LED graphic wall is the latest in high end club décor, and now you can have it anywhere you want. Take one unit or combine it with another panel to make unbelievable visuals in your venue or party a total reality. Stand out from the crowd with this latest technological breakthrough. Call today to discuss your rental needs and put your venue on the map!

CO2 Freeze Jets

A spectacular new special effect which is perfect for use in many different arenas. Nightclubs, Product launches, Parties or anywhere you need to get everyone's attention both audibly and visually! In a nightclub setting, because the freeze jets use liquid CO2, they will actually cool down the dance area or any area they are directed!

The test video here is just a pressure test with 10% actual gas, the full effect is a lot more powerful.

CO2 Cannon

This is as above but in a hand held "bazooka" type of unit, this allows you to get right amongst your customers with this super effect.

Confetti Blasters

These air powered units can project confetti up to 10m. They are perfect for any event that requires that extra special touch. We have every type of confetti that you could need, just make sure that you book in advance so as not to be disappointed.

Here is a short video of the Confetti Blasters being tested at 40% power:

Dry Ice Ground Fog Machine

Finally you can achieve the same effect as the big Hollywood studios in your venue; our high output ground fog generators use the highest quality CO2 ice to create the most dense low lying fog around. The best feature about the real ground fog machines is that there is no residue and the fog does not rise after leaving the machine it just evaporates. Call today for the best price.

Flame Generators

Our flame generators will certainly create a buzz anytime they are used. They create a ball of flame up to 3m high. They can be positioned either outdoors or in venues with suitably high ceilings. Safety is of course our top priority so we make sure that a full evaluation is prepared in advance of these units being used to ensure a safe but spectacular event.

Snow Machines

Wet Snow

There are two types of "wet" machine, a large cannon type machine and a small unit for domestic or low area coverage. These machines actually use a low residue gel that is not really wet in the true sense of the word but creates a fantastic effect nonetheless! These machines are safe for use indoors and outdoors. They are even safe for carpets.

Dry Snow

The dry effect uses a large theatre blower and fake snow. We can control the coverage and area targeted as the stage blowers are fully controllable by the operator. The volume and consistency is determined by the event itself so call today

Laser Systems

Always a popular addition to any event our high power computer controlled lasers have full graphics capability. What this means is that we can integrate your company logo or any text into a show. It's a great feature for product launches, nightclubs or corporate functions.

The Sky-Tracker

Massive 3KW Search Light. Make a real impression at your next event. This light can be seen for miles and will ensure that whatever event you are hosting it will stand out from the crowd.

Foam Cannons

Our Foam Cannons are the biggest and best in the business. We supply all you need to put on your very own Foam Party, the cannon is supplied complete with an operator, fluid and all accessories.

Sky Dancers

Ranging in Height from 15ft to 30ft these highly visible colourful items will make sure that outside presence is maximized and your event or venue is highly visible.

Popcorn Shooters

Fancy throwing a different kind of party? Why not try a popcorn party? Using giant theatrical blowers we can shoot popcorn high in the air over your guests. It’s a different type of party. They can even eat what doesn't land on their heads!